Here’s some of the feedback from some of the amazing clients we have had over the last few years.

Thank you so so much for sharing your journey!

Meditations Roxby Downs

Meditation with Nadene is extremely relaxing, energising and empowering. I’ve often struggled with meditation, but
Nadene provides a soothing, peaceful atmosphere that encourages deep relaxation.

Soul Retreats

Soul Retreat was amazing. It’s not very often I take time out for myself, but after a great day at Soul Retreat I felt
relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. It was a gentle reminder that I am worthwhile and I deserve my
time, my energy and my love.


Roxby Downs

Meditations Roxby Downs

“Nadene has a calm and pleasant attitude, which is really important when seeking a meditation instructor. She is helping me learn how to better centre myself and focus on the present. I have struggled with this in the past, but feel like I am getting close to my goals by attending her workshops.

It is also clear that Nadene had undertaken a range of studies to enhance what she can offer, and has a confident approach to conducting her workshops. This helps reassure workshop participants and obviously contributes to the success of the meditations.”


Adelaide, SA

Coaching Towards Development / Meditations Roxby Downs

“I recently attended a NLP session with Nadene Murray. I can honestly say that it was one of the best things I have done, it was seriously life changing. While I went with the intention of getting help with weight loss I have seen huge improvements in other areas of my life. The next day I quit smoking, this was an unexpected result, I simply decided I was a non smoker and didn’t pick another one up: no cravings, no weight gain, no side affects that in itself to me is incredible and made the whole experience worth it. When it comes to weight loss, I am finding that I have been making much more healthy decisions naturally, and I am far more forgiving to myself which stops binge eating. Overall I feel much more content within myself and this has allowed me to realise that looking after myself is my most important priority because I am worth it.”


Melbourne, VIC

Soul Retreats

The whole day was a fantastic experience. A chance to take time for me in a safe space. Nadene & Kim
did a fantastic job and have thought about everything to make the day a truly relaxing & learning


Roxby Downs

Meditation Roxby Downs

The meditations were bliss and I felt peaceful and relaxed! I was very happy with the sessions and felt a great sense
of calm at the end of the day!

Soul Retreats

I went to the retreat tense and stressed and left feeling like a new person! Nadene and Kim were both amazing teachers and Elke’s food was definitely delicious! Anyone feeling like they need to wind down and connect with themselves should absolutely book in to one of these retreats!


Roxby Downs