Soul Activist

A Course completely focused on YOU

Your Soul Activation Practices

This course is a series of awakening modules

Is all about Recognising you are allowed to BE COMPLETELY YOU.

Time to  STOP doing the things that are not yours.

Time to clear away the things in your life that are keeping you in loops that dim your light.

Rethinking, Reimagining and Reingiting your inner Passion and Drive

You get a clean slate – emotions, thoughts, ambitions!

There is work within this course on redefining your Values – AND THEN ACTING ON THEM!

Shinning a light on the MAGNIFICENCE that is YOU!!!

You are supposed to be here!

SO many times in history, your family lines survived the unimaginable – and YOU are the result of Divine Destiny!

You deserve to live with Passion and Power.

Divine Soul of Infinite Light and Energy!!

Why choose Consciousness?

Conditioned Human… 

Conditioned means we have at some point, stopped being Awake, Aware or IN our bodies.

Finding ourselves NOT making the best decision for the moment, but making the SAME decisions we’ve always made, without thinking, without evaluation or heart felt consideration.

Conditioned is all our learned behaviours, learned emotional triggers, learned beliefs

…to Conscious Being

Conscious means you are making the Right decision from your highest potential.

Consciousness is an overarching awareness, perspecitive and knowingness of ALL THAT IS.

That you are brave and Courageous enough to make it, even though it may be uncomfortable for old conditioned ‘norm’. 

Conscious is BEING in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and traveling  your Soul Path.

 BE -IN(g) IN – yes IN – your body, life and reality completely

BEING the actions of participating in your life fully

The Steps are Universal




Most likely what brought you here – 

Awareness of your conditioning, knowing there must be a better way, wanting more from life


Step 1 – Unlearning – deconditioning
Step 2 – Deschooling – sitting in the void (allow the discomfort)
Step 3 – Standing in your Power – reclaiming your sovereignty
Step 4 – YOU unfiltered – getting in touch with your higher self again
Step 5 – Redesigning your life – how do you really want to live?


Once the inner work is happening, consistently, you’ll find it leads to a new sort of Conscious Living. Where you feel the fire of Living-on-Purpose – YOUR Purpose which is not like anyone else.

You get to start being yourself wholeheartedly and being empowered to make decisions that are right for YOUR SOUL PATH.

Why isn’t everything all good all the time?



Being a conditioned human, especially a female one, there’s so many things we carry on the ‘mental load’ list of eeeeverything!


Have you taken any time out recently to work out what’s important to YOU and what’s just keeping up with the ‘should do list?’

There are so many elements in life that we try to balance or keep the balls in the air for. But exactly how many of those are actually just for you?

Values work is a big part of determining what to STOP more so than what to start.

What to refocus on, or reignite will flow easier when you make space for them.

If your life is FULL ON and FULL OF everything else. Everyone else’s everthing…


Where do you fit in on your list?



  • Self Love- Self Care – Self Worth 42% 42%
  • Food – Nutrition – Fuel 68% 68%
  • Health – Exercise – Movement 58% 58%
  • Finances – Wealth – Money 88% 88%
  • Career – Work – Job – Calling 35% 35%
  • Social – Friends – Connection 60% 60%
  • Family – Parenting 90% 90%
  • Recreation – Hobbies – Self interests 44% 44%
  • Spirituality – Contribution – Soul Purpose 75% 75%

The Big Questions in Life:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What do I really want in life?

Who do I want to have surrounding me?

Then there is the assessment section of ‘how’s it going?’

How many elements of your day are self-care, nurturing or personal growth?

Is it time to put it all down and breathe deeply for a while?

Then when is it time, to pick up the tasks, things, ‘doings’ that are actually what you want in life?

Practical Spirituality

We learn about self-love & self-care with a massive dose of Self-Empowerment.

Leaning on yourself!

Techniques that are practical exercises to get back into the flow,

back into alignment with your higher self.

What are you really here to do?

The Essence of

Spiritual Adventures

What it’s like working with Nadéne

Life happening Style

This is a stand-alone course where you can concentrate on specific happenings in your daily life and dive deeper into that module


Guided Style

You can use it in a monthly step-by-step guided process (I will email to you) to reset individual aspects of your life over the 6/12 months.

What ever happens is perfect for you!

This is your journey and your consciousness evolves all in Divine timing.

Life unfolds what ever learning or lesson, at the right time for you, to grow and become conscious of.

These tools are here for you to utilise when you need.


Defining Principles

You are everything!

  • No one is an authority on You!
  • You are the only one you need because you are the answers you seek.
  • Your goals are not the images you’ve been fed
  • Your struggles are when the values you hold and the ones you’ve adopted from others are in conflict (SHOULDs)

Everything is perfect!

  • You’re exactly where you need to be
  • Every moment is so holy and meaningful
  • Every ‘bad’ thing is an opportunity to love yourself more
  • The greatest lessons come from emotional upheaval

Conscious Choices Change the World!

  • Conscious Choices are ecological (you will never make a decision that intentionally harms someone, the planet, yourself)
  • Sharing your Bravery empowers others
  • You’ve got an ‘inbuilt indicator’ of YES and NO

What’s in the Course?


Monthly Guided Meditation tracks.

Access to the 8-week

 Starting Your Meditation Practice Training

 To be Released  June 2020

Where you can start setting up your practices,  trying out different styles of meditation

 or if you’re a seasoned meditator – practicing and reinforcing the basics to build your VOID muscles!


The ENTIRE Back Catalogue of Meditation tracks 


Emotional Maturity is a big part of personal evolution.

When we can release the conditioning of our emotions first, and then sit with them in their neutral state when they arise,

we are more inclined to learn and grow from them rather than react.

Whole YOU integrations – We will explore more than ‘Positivity only’!!!

Specific Shadow-work processes

Access to the 6-week Emotional Self-Care Sessions – Clearing the emotional charge around






With a bonus FORGIVENESS Session.

Emotional clarity will allow you to journal and meditate at a deeper level without the clouding of old conditioning or programming running.


Reflection on what was, why and the meaning you’ve previously associated with ‘the thing’ we’re journaling on.

Journaling prompts will be provided – that go deeper into the conditioning, work through the conditioning and release the energy that is blocked in that memory, thought, idea or concept.

Monthly Journaling Prompts

Access to the Soul Activist Journaling course 

(BOTH of them) Shhhh – second one being created and released July 2020

with techniques,  prompts, and more about the transformations.

Divine Soul Journaling is about constantly being brought back to the fact  –

you are a Divine Soul

A Sovereign Living Being with access to the infinite universe.

This part of the course makes ALL the DIFFERENCE



Sovereign Empowerment

  • Rituals or Exercises designed to Step-Into-Your-Power and Claim Your Birthright!

  • Values work – the key to aligning with Soul’s Purpose

  • Uncovering what holds you back and clearing the blocks energetically, emotionally, and effectively giving you a new perspective on your journey here on earth. 
  • You will learn about yourself in ways you haven’t before – Personality Profiles incorporating a multitude of perspectives to weigh up with soul.
  • We will explore Moon Cycle rituals, we will explore Astrological, Numerological and other logical rituals



We will explore creating YOUR OWN Rituals.

Designing and experiencing your own Soul Power.

Group work


A Sisterhood Circle of other women who you will be able to connect with, learn with, and grow with


Sacred. Safe. Space. 

 You choose whether to share or not.

Bonuses for Founders

A Thank-You to you - the beautiful soul, for your trust in, and commitment to yourself.


I’m offering an Inner Soul’s Guidance Session with me, for the founding members valued at $258


Access to Mother’s Self Love (no matter if you’re a physical mother or not) – ‘Mother’ energy is an archetype we all display at different points in life.


Access to Dream Analysis Module  


Wild Fire Divinity – Warrior of the Crossroads (Due August 2020)


 And a 25% off code for ALL future Spiritual Adventures (even the BALI Retreats!)


I'm so excited for you to become a Soul Activist Founding Member!

This course has been years in the making with so many sources of information and knowledge connecting in a global learning style. This is something that for me is about changing the world!

One amazing Soul at a time!

Setting your Soul on it’s True North Journey, 

Finding your Purpose and Passion for life! 

Become a Founder!

Foundering Member Pricing 2020

$444 one-off


$75 for 6 months


$44 for 12 months

Or weekly payments of $11 for 52 weeks
For Life Time access – Never pay again after you’ve completed this.
And you know I will always be adding more modules and developing more content.

Who is Spiritual Adventures?

Nadéne Metcalfe

Nadéne Metcalfe

Spiritual Adventures

Nadéne is NORMAL, well as normal is defined for a Stay at home mum with 2 Fiesty Femme daughters who keep her spinning round and round all day and night!

Recently married to her soul mate after 7 years together, they’re living in the Adelaide hills of South Australia – after a certain something kept them from moving to Bali, Indonesia in early 2020.

Nadéne started teaching meditation classes in Roxby Downs, a small remote mining town in the Outback, and started incorporating Spiritual Practicality into her Coaching which she’s been doing since 2009.

She’s a geek, an intense contradiction, and enjoys AWKWARD more than she should. Her Superpower – if she was forced to speak it out loud – is that she respects your path, your process and your sovereign TIMING. She intuitively knows when you’re waffling or stuck in ‘story’ and is well known for straight speak (with compassion of course)! 

Life is a blessing, it’s holy and she is constantly awe-inspired by the goings-on of all the humans she loves.

She’s collected so many lessons, learnings and education along the way from life in 3 countries, corporate roles and getting all Crunchy Mum in motherhood – including Zero Waste dreams, growing a garden to provide food and yet, still watches Netflix and dreams of helping Conscious Content Creators change the world with their storytelling.

Nadéne is writing this in third person and feeling weird about it!!! 

What you will need…


Commitment to yourself!


Putting Yourself First


Standing in your Power

As a founder, I will be asking your honest feedback to improve or change the course.


I will also be asking you about the Value of the course over time.

Join the Soul Activist Movement!!

Claim your Sovereignty every day

Make a stand for your Soul and Activate your Higher Purpose




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