Soul Activation

Conditioned Human to Conscious Loving Being

The knowledge of the things you ‘should do’ is not enough to change the actions in our conditioned lives


Conditioned Being – Everyday ‘normal’ without question

Feeling like things don’t change very often?

This is your time…

Defining Principles

You are everything!-

  • No one is an authority on You!
  • You are the only one you need because you are the answers you seek.
  • Your goals are not the images you’ve been fed
  • Your struggles are when the values you hold and the ones you’ve adopted from others are in conflict (SHOULDs)

Everything is perfect!-

  • You’re exactly where you need to be
  • Every moment is so holy and meaningful
  • Every ‘bad’ thing is an opportunity to love yourself more
  • The greatest lessons come from emotional upheaval


Conscious Choices Change the Whole World!

  • Conscious Choices are ecological (you will never make a decision that intentionally harms someone, the planet, yourself)
  • Sharing your Bravery empowers others
  • You’ve got an ‘inbuilt indicator’ of YES and NO

Trying to Balance ALL of life?

Being a conditioned human, especially a female one, there’s so many things we carry on the ‘mental load’ list of eeeeverything! ALL THE THINGS


Have you taken any time out recently to work out what’s important to YOU and what’s just keeping up with the ‘should do list?’


There are so many elements in life that we try to balance or keep the balls in the air for. But exactly how many of those are actually just for you?

How many elements are self care, nurturing or personal growth?

Is it time to put it all down and breathe?

To pick up the ones that are actually what you want in life?

We learn about self love, self care techniques that are practical exercises to get back into the flow, back into alignment with your higher self.

What are you really here to be doing?



One of the corner stones of any change is to stop and be still.

Meditation is a daily/weekly requirement in this course.

Tracks will be provided


Reflection on what was, why and the meaning you’ve previously associated with ‘the thing’


Journaling prompts will be provided to ensure that you cover the areas we’re working on

All the Feelings

Emotional Maturity is a big part of personal evolution.

When we can release the conditioning of our emotions first, and then sit with them in their neutral state when they arise, we are more able to learn and grow from them.



A REAL deep understanding of your soul’s worth.

Spirituality, Mentally, Emotionally being whole, being free and having a full grasp on self-determination will allow you to take those steps forward each day.

Self Paced

Weekly check-in

At the beginning of each week there will be a quiz/questionnaire on how you’re fairing.

Private or Sharing

If you want to keep things quiet and go through the process – you can always email or message me and I’ll help or listen or advise – what ever you would prefer.

If you want to share and ask others questions who are doing this course too, there is a facebook group for you to use.


Depending on the element we are going through each month, there will be added modules with Video lessons and downloads if appropriate.

Life changing manifestations of your innermost desires

When we combine these practices daily/weekly – the magic happens! You’re able to bring the ‘best’ of who you are to every situation.
Doing this work within yourself – – – – has to translate into REAL life Conscious Choices – when it counts.


Do I need to have experience with Meditation/Journaling/Emotional Intelligence/Sovereignty

No – but you have the experience, being human means you’ve been doing these things for years – some just have different names and different intentions.

This is a purposeful intention of our time, energy and awareness.

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