This year is a 9 year – in numerology the closing of a cycle. It’s the last 3 months now, where we are releasing the final lot of lessons and learnings to prepare the new space we need in our lives for a 1 year – 2017.

Today being the first of 3 Super Full Moon’s for the rest of the year, it’s been a huge day of releasing old patterns, beliefs and habits. (Okay so not ALL of them… 🙂 It’s a time of self honest, admission and truth.

The few things that I would like to focus on making space in this last part of 2016 are:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Emotions & Mental State
  • Wealth & Finances
  • Purpose & Calling
  • Love & Connection
  • Environment & World

What is the actual REALITY of these things in your life RIGHT NOW.. not the nice to have or the working towards, or as it usually is, trying to blackmail yourself into achieving somehow…

Are you fed up with this way of looking at yourself, do you need to feel the honest truth of the situation and allow that to heal the yearning and the wants of what you don’t have?

ACTION – Write it down – HOW IT REALLY IS. Then write down the ‘dreams, goals or expectations’ that are weighing you down.

Release it today, which is just a thought to let it go.

  1. Admit what is,
  2. Accept that it is,
  3. Allow it to have been so and to continue to be so,
  4. and the Letting Go will take care of itself. Somewhat of a grieving process really, mourning the death of the dream life that you felt you ‘should want’ or ‘should have by now’ or what ever way you twist that to feel obligated, guilted into or NOT ENOUGH as you are Already, Always perfect.

This spiritual adventure that we are all on, this journey into the unknown, is so insanely difficult if you are holding onto the ‘controlling’ piece of your life’s lessons. Surrender to a higher power, higher purpose, higher vision. It doesn’t have to be God or Religious. It can literally be just stepping away from being responsible for the thousands of ‘when’s’ that you’ve accumulated over your lifetime. A few seconds of reprieve from the obligations, the burdens.

Those precious seconds are enough to create the space within your body mind for the soul and spirit to be sparked again. Jump started if you will, to ignite the flame of passion, desire and purpose again.

My love to you as you are shining the light of awareness into your inner world and finding the heart beating with unconditional love, as you are the light of love already, always.