Wooooow!!! The feeling of elation after day one, when it finally sunk in that we’d really done it! We had just run our first successful retreat… Bliss!!!

It was amazing to connect with such amazing women over the two days, who have so much within them to share and who committed to spending time going within during Yoga and Meditation sessions all day.

What was amazing to us, was that the sessions just flowed, nicely dovetailing into each other and following on nicely from the last one. Building in stillness and strength as the day went on. I was in awe of Kim’s natural teaching style that flowed so wonderfully and seemingly effortlessly. I learnt so much from watching her teach and practice.

Soul Retreat July 2016

There were many learning that came out of the 2 days. My favourites (in no particular order);

  • Asking for Friendship is difficult, but beautiful
  • Destiny doesn’t preclude free will
  • Trying to connect with community is difficult, but worthwhile
  • Family bonds are a huge responsibility on women’s shoulders
  • Busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive
  • Lists of things to do, doesn’t make us feel very accomplished
  • Ancestry has something to say, if we will listen
  • Going within the body, stills the mind
  • Dropping into the void is easier after a full day of yoga & meditation

I wish I had written something the night after. There is so much that came through for these women and the almighty energy they were part of was spectacular.

I honour each of them, as mighty warriors and gentle souls. Beauty, Grace and Fierceness all rolled into one.

Thank you.