Finding Inner Peace

by | Dec 23, 2016

What’s in this process?

This is the beginning of you finding your inner peace, your calm and your justice within the story of your life.

I will share with you, the tools that helped me see things in a different way, (changing your perspective on the past) the things that helped me work through things I hadn’t realised I hadn’t dealt with, or the things I just didn’t want to face because… well, sometimes I can be stubborn.


In the modules of this core course, we will go through some learning and education modules, some practical experiential modules and some reflection modules. Each of them will be short to keep the core message succinct and to the point.


NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

In all my work I weave a lot of varying methodologies and practices. For the clearing part of the beginning processes, we usually utlise NLP Processes to help release Negative Emotions and to make new Empowering Decisions by Eliminating Limiting Decisions.


As part of the process of reflection, I will provide you with some guided meditations that will assist you in calming the mind and relaxing the body to allow for deep listening to your inner voice.

Sample Meditation

by Nadene Murray | Find Inner Peace

Writing Techniques/Question Sets

There’s the opportunity to use the writing processes to work through difficult or stuck thoughts too. There will be a series of questions to answer for each of your topics that you want to release.

Releasing is the term we use for accepting, acknowledging and allowing, said topic, to have had it’s place in our life’s experience. The letting go of things is not something that is your responsibility. That usually occurs through the grief process generally surrounding an issue. Grief’s gift to you is removing the things that you need to ‘let go’ of for you.


Supportive Environment Online

As is all the rage at the moment, you can choose to join the online facebook community (secret and private) to post any questions and gain support and even give support to those who are also doing this course.

It’s been amazing while doing Sadhana’s in my experience to have a group of people doing the same thing, help and encourage each other.


Eliminating Negative Emotions

Obliterating Limiting Decisions

Meditation Tracks