A topic that comes across many of the spiritual practical thought patterns.

You know the answer, the question isn’t even worth asking. Your consciousness knows and can recognise another consciousness. Dog, Cat, Cow, Pig… there is no difference. Why is it even a question?

VEGAN is the answer to all the questions.

Honestly, the relief is palpable. Like a weight off your shoulders as you release the karma of those lives from yours. It’s a strange feeling when you know that’s it. That’s the last time that you will ever be the reason a life force is snuffed out.

If you are interested in your physical health, your mental and emotional well being, or your spiritual practical path, then the starting point for your own honour and pride of self, comes from stopping being in anyway the cause for suffering and pain of another being on this planet.

There is nothing more to say. There is no excuse, no idea, no ‘fact’ that can refute the truth of this for me and almost 8% of the planet at this point. (14% of millennials, 8% of Gen-X and 4% of Baby Boomers). There is never an option when it comes to death of another being.

Standing up for what is right, righteous (original definition of the word)… It’s all that I can do to play my part in our awakening.

You are worth clearing the karmic field. Your physical body will thank you and your mental and emotional sides will have been relieved of something you have questioned since you were a child. Free yourself, Free your mind and Free the animals from our enslavement for no purpose but power and cruelty.