So motivation is something that I have long avoided, because I’d equated it to the carrot and the stick. A short term blast of energy to get some movement happening.

I’ve avoided being a ‘motivational speaker’ because it was a bit naff.

In so doing, I in essence cut off a MASSIVE part of who I truly am.

I’ve felt like I’ve been missing a limb….

I am the forever – Encourager!

Your Personal Cheerleader!

Your ‘go-to’ for an emotional, spiritual or mental pick me up and a very vocal reminder of your awesomeness!!

So for the last eleventy hundred days, I have been walking around suppressing this massive part of myself. This crucial part of me.

Thinking I couldn’t be that person, cause no one wanted me to be that person??!! Thinking who am I to see other’s in a way they don’t even see themselves? To want to help people be their best selves from a SOULful level!!?!

No one said that they didn’t want me to be that, do that or say that. Somehow I read between the lines of multiple NLP learnings that motivation wasn’t a great thing for business, as it was something that people had to come back to over and over instead of ‘absolute’ change… – ummmm…. hello, looking for an excuse not to do something, so take a meaning out of something to excuse me from standing louder and prouder than I was already?!!?! **Note, look at your reasons, excuses and justifications from shying away from your own inner awesomeness, your inner shine, your inner warrior who’s got a bone to pick with something!?

Good one kid! – I didn’t even realise this was one of my tawdry (shameful) list of excuses to play infinitesimally small – or actually just ‘acceptably brilliant’

So anyway –

I’ve been working furiously on myself in the last 6 months – or well it’s really been a slow burn starting from about a year and a half ago – Jan ’19 when I made a few decisions that would change the course of not only my life, but the lives of my children, stepchildren, my husband, and our extended families – in very very real terms. (But more on that another time)

The last 3 months have been amazing and now this last 3 weeks has been like a MASSIVE MASSIVE HUUUUUUGE Leveling up and acceptance of some hard truths about my own shying away from the spot light, or any light for that matter.

I’ve played so small to accommodate everyone else (who, turns out, doesn’t actually care and nor should they!).

I’ve shrunk my passion and spark and intensity to be more ‘pleasing‘ to the masses – ….. who I don’t even talk to!!

I’ve been in such fear of judgement, of not being good enough.

But something has changed.

More than anything I’ve experienced before.

I am committed and dedicated to being so completely and utterly myself.

Boom Baby! I'm Back!!!
I’m Back!!!

The judgment of people who are actually not IN my life, is nonsense.

The validation from people who are actually not IN my life, is nonsense.

So much of the nonsense has been about them vs me… The invisible them. Relative truths, Societal norms, conformity and toeing the line.

There is no other time I live in – but now, so being me – the real me, is the only thing that now makes sense.

Every other pretense is pointless daylight burning/wasting.

So just thought I’d write it down – to mark this momentous shift of energies.

I am Nadene Metcalfe.

This is me.

Motivational Soul Coach – or what ever I end up naming myself.

It matters not – for I am me and you will see whatever that is in the coming weeks.


Life is for the living, in the now, in this body – DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

You are worth spending time on!

You are worthy of EVERY second of every day that you breathe!!

I can’t wait to speak/meet with you and help wherever is being directed, to bring you some much-needed love, laughter, and light your way!

Oh and now going to be a bit more like myself and say F**K YEAH!!!

Bring on more of 2020!

The year of unlimited possibilities!