Peak behind the Veil and see who you are in a dedicated spiritual practice for 8 weeks!!

Feel into the different areas of your life that you have previously shied away from.

Find new understandings, compassion and love for who you are, what you’ve been through and where you will go.

This course is for the adventurous side of you, that’s looking to reclaim all the emotional parts of yourself that perhaps have been repressed or even ignored..

This course is for the curious side of you, that’s always wondered what the hoopla is about, when people talk about chakras.

This course is for that part of you that just knows that;

you are so much more than you’ve ever let yourself be.


This course will step you through each Chakra weekly…

Herein lies your real self, the true self, your funny side and your serious side.

Love to you on this amazing journey of weekly meditations, journalling and sharing as you traverse your own infinite nature.


Nadene Murray





Usually $11 a week…

online special of $55 for the whole course

Saving you $33

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee! 

No questions asked – no muss, no fuss.


Secret Facebook Group each week

Running the 8 weeks once a quarter – or at your own pace.

 We ask questions, share and experience the journey together with those who are doing the same week, or have insights from when they did theirs.