Nadene is a Spiritual Evolution Change Agent

— also a Mother, Fiancée , Daughter, Friend, Coach and Intuitive Spiritual Guide

“Life is real, life gets messy, real life experience is the truest expression of our divinity.”

Spiritual Adventures is for those who want to experience the majesty and mystery of exploring life, every day and in every way. I live in Outback South Australia and teach meditation amongst other things while I spend time with my daughter each day as she learns through the toddler stage that teaches so so much about the human condition.

I provide retreats within Australia at present.

Soul Retreats

In 2016 the collaboration that is Soul Retreats, was started with Kim McGrath from Kindred Yoga in Roxby Downs, where we both live. We have helped 14 participants this year with our Full Day Retreats of Yoga & Meditation. It’s been a wonderful experience to work with someone who you just flow with. 2017 is looking to be an amazing year for our retreats with the first being in February in Roxby and March in Cleve, South Australia.


Some great books you may find interesting…